God Bless the Pearly Queen

We're gearing up for a Jubilee to remember here at Kitty & Dulcie HQ.
Huge congrats to our dear Maj' - what a woman.

Above:Our very own Pearly Queen (model Dite) puckers up with her Pearly Prince
Not one but two Blue Peter badges for our incredible Pearly King
Every Queen needs Cinderella footwear & we're still digging these vintage sparklers from Kurt Geiger
Wishing one and all a magical Jubilee
Kisses and curtseys from
 xShelley & Kirstie x

For info on all the shenanigans happening in Londinium go to http://www.thediamondjubilee.org/

All together now. 'Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner......'

Model: Dite Anata
Bridal Gown: Pearly Queen, £295 www.kittyanddulcie.com
Headpiece: www.floandpercy.com
With thanks to The Pearlies - to support one of their many charities go to www.thepearlies.com